Banquet Seating at The Old Laundry

Banquets and booths offer one of the best commercial seating options for high traffic commercial seating.

We can refurbish your existing seating, or we can design and construct custom new banquets and booths.

As a result we work closely with architects and designers to deliver the perfect banquet and booth installation.

Bench Seating at Harrisdale High School

In addition our design service allows total flexibility, therefore styling and fitting the purpose of your new seating.

The result is a perfect finish to serve a variety of venues, industries and applications.

While some projects require a small bench seat others for example cater for large scale commercial seating on an oil rig platform.

Banquet Seating and Upholstered Wall at Tony Romas Seafood Restaurant

These latter specialised applications require the use of product certified by the Internatinal Maritime Organisation.

As a consequence we create the best product for your application. Check the link for some more info on Upholstery Fabrics.

We represent a range of local and international brands with quality and choice like no other generic product.

Restoration & Refurbishment

Re-upholstery is a great way to re-use existing banquet and booth seating.

The result is great for the environment offering a cost effective solution with many options.

With so many design combinations the new setting can be reinstated for low cost and minimal business interruption.

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Booth Seating at Tony Romas Seafood Restaurant