Are your dining chairs or stools peeling & flaking?

If so, we offer professional dining chair restoration for nearly any chair design.

Sustainable and great for the environment you get to upgrade your furniture to the absolute best at half the price of a new chair.

Have you seen what quality vinyl looks like?

Ask your nanna because there is a good chance her dining chairs are still good after 50 years.

We use genuine commercial grade vinyl! The result is long term value made to last!

We offer a comprehensive range of upholstery materials in a limitless selection of colours and finishes.

These materials are designed for high traffic applications. As a consequence, the the surface will not break down like imitations.

From 30 years of industry experience, all dining chairs generally have a solid frame, either wood or steel.

Therefore they are only put into landfill due to the fake vinyl or fake leather upholstery.

Ever wondered how your grandparents furniture lasted so long and even after 50 years it is still functional?

Because of quality, that goes into both the materials used and the workmanship.

Why does leather or vinyl peel or flake?

In most cases dining chairs have extremely durable frames but peel or flake with very little use.

These types of leather and vinyl have been made at a very low cost and low standard.

Consequently, they are prone to decay early and prematurely start to peel, split or flake.

On the other hand a genuine vinyl will look great and remain serviceable for many years.

The surface may harden up a bit but you can guarantee it will not peel or flake

If your furniture is peeling or flaking away it is not genuine! Any attempt at looking after it is completely pointless.

In other words it is like a comparison between a true diamond or a cheap plastic zirconium, plated gold or solid gold.

If you are shopping for choice and true value then Stylefurn offer a huge selection of genuine upholstery vinyl in any colour and style to make your dining furniture the best it can be.

Our standard range of Charisma Upholstery Vinyl

Our standard range of upholstery vinyl is available in a large selection of contemporary colours and has been professionally tested using what is known in the trade as the ‘Martindale rub test’ simply put it is a way of measuring quality. If you are considering buying new dining chairs ask to see the test results before you buy!

Upholstery Wear Guide- Domestic Use, Commercial Use

Light Duty Domestic 10000-15000+ cycles
General Domestic, Light Commercial 15000-20000+ cycles
Heavy Domestic, Heavy Commercial 40000+ cycles

More info on Upholstery materials check out our blog. Upholstery Materials

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