Furniture Repairs and Recliner Triggers

Furniture Repairs and recliner trigger repairs include removal of the damaged unit and replaced with a quality replacement.

Both old and new recliners have some type of handle or trigger to operate. As a result of daily use they can fail to operate the footrest.

Some are oblong in shape while others are more round, then there are the connectors and the multi strand cable. Sometimes the plastic trigger breaks, or maybe the wire cable fails.

These can be tricky to change over without the right tools and expertise.

We stock most current replacement handles, please call or send a photo to the mobile at the top of screen.

Furniture Repairs

Stylefurn is your one stop furniture repairs shop, offering a full range of furniture rejuvenation options.

These include frame repairs, new foams, new webbing, replacement recliner handles and upholstery repairs for tears.

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of repairs for many of Perth’s large furniture retailers, as well as corporate and domestic clientele.

This has allowed us to accumulate a unique understanding of true quality.

Sometimes accidents happen, or the original quality of a chair and the materials used in manufacturing is poor.

Whichever the case, Stylefurn is happy to fix it. If we can’t fix a damaged piece of furniture, there is a good chance that it is not repairable.

Peeling Leather - Before
Peeling Leather - After
Hungry Pet - Before
Hungry Pet - After

Seat Repairs

Webbed seats can lose their stretch and/or become frayed. This is due to the frame’s sharp edges not removed at the time of production.

When doing such a repair, we remove all the sharp edges on the frame, re-web the seat with quality webbing and add new foams. The quality of the repair will outlast the lifetime of the chair.

Please call to ask a question (08) 9277 9069 or email us here. Thanks