Our Story

We have a passion for delivering premium upholstered furniture that is designed and made to last.

By refurbishing and selling quality pieces of furniture, the amount of furniture that ends up in landfill will heavily be reduced which ultimately protects our precious environment. Furniture was once built and made to last. Unfortunately Australia has experienced a surge in cheap and disposable furniture. Consequently, furniture is now playing a huge role in our current throw-away society due to the poor quality of modern-day furniture.

Stylefurn has a vision to change this current situation and peoples buying habits. We want to provide premium upholstered furniture using quality materials and guaranteed long-term warranties. Upholstery should no longer be a dying art but considered an investment towards a handcrafted, sustainable piece of furniture.

Upholstered dining chair in black vinyl with chrome base

About Us

Stylefurn is an upholstery business in Cloverdale Western Australia. We specialise in commercial seating and upholstery services.

Back in 2003 Stylefurn was established by upholsterer Chris Deguara. He has a long history of offering quality upholstered furniture to the West Australian commercial and retail sectors. When asked how it all began, Chris will tell you, “Too far back to remember! My dad was a traditional upholsterer working from home and sitting on his workbench watching him work was my early training. This then expanded to stripping down old furniture and getting it ready for Dad to start the restoration process. Working with basic furniture and materials has always been interesting for me.”

20 years later Stylefurn has expanded to involve the help from his wife Laura and you might be fortunate enough to see their two young children (possible future apprentices!) We are a proud small business and the only upholstery shop left within the City of Belmont.

Our products and services are for anyone looking to invest into having a long-term quality piece of furniture and share our passion of more sustainable living.

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